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  • Accessible account management tool

    Whats new in version 0.19.5:
    Known bug:
    • When selecting a shortcut to a folder in the drop down menu of a file selection dialog, under java 1.6, Yapbam hangs. In fact, this is not a Yapbam bug, but a java1.6 bug. The best way to fix the problem is use java 1.7. Changes:
    • It is now possible to select the decimal separator in the import dialog. Amounts preceded by a + are now accepted.
    • By default, the selected account in the "Account Statements" tab is now the one selected in the filter.
    • The transaction editing wizard can now suggest the amount (adjustable behavior in the preferences).
    • The transaction editing wizard is now disabled when editing an existing transaction. This avoids inadvertently change the method of payment or the amount while changing the description. Bug fixes:
    • Under Swing look and feel, the background color of "Linked to" column was wrong in import dialog.
    • When the user confirmed the archiving in a standard file (not an archive file), it caused an error.

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